Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Giveaway for Scrapbooking Embellishement Jar Sets

Here are some of
 the little jars that I have been working on
for the giveaway...
This is what they look like with
embellishements inside...
I have decided that I will be including some embellishments
with the jar sets but they will be different that what is
shown in the pictures here...
Remember to leave a comment if you would like to
be included in the drawing for one set of 3 jars...
Drawing will be held March 14, please share
this with all your scrapbooking and crafting


  1. Comment here or comment before cause I already commented before

  2. Hi Tanya,
    Have you entered in the drawing for the embellishement jars giveaway! You only have to comment once but I truly appreciate your readership on the blog so please come visit often and post your comments and thoughts as often as you like ok and please share my blog with friends! Best of Luck on the drawing and I will let you know if you are a winner okay! I am off today so will be working either on tile nipping on china or a shabby chic spring layout...have not decided many things to do and so little time!!! Later!

  3. I am a mother of four boys and have recently became interested in all art has to offer. I love making homeade blankets, painting letters for peoples kids and my own and scrapbooking. I had gained alot of weight over the years and about 13 months ago i weighed in at a staggering 372 pounds. I had lost interest in everything. I had gastric bypass in January 2011 and i am happy to report life is grand. Not only have i lost 197 pounds and weighing in at a nice 175 I have also gained a new since of interests like artsy things and things i never had the patience and liking before. I have found myself in this journey and just wanted to share my story. Im very glad I found your blog and i will pass it along. Thank you

    1. Hi Sabrina!
      Well first off CONGRATS for loosing 197 pounds that is awesome...I really need to loose some myself and am trying to get Zumba Classes set up in my community to help with that. The diet part I dont have much of a problem with once I get going its the exercise part that is tough for me! I will enter you into my giveaway for the jars that will be held March 14th and will post the winners here on the blog so check back, I have two sets of 3 glass jars that I will be giving away with some embellishments as well. Nice to meet you and have a great day! Please do share this with friends, trying to build readership on the blog! Thanks Again! :)