Sunday, February 26, 2012

Papercraft Scrapbooking Embellishement Giveaway in the Making...

Pretty little papercrafting embellishments...
Flowers, butterflies and vintage scrabble tiles
 mixed in with a little sparkle mica flakes
 from my little vintage dog storage jar...
Add a little magic and what do you have...
a scrapbooking embellishment storage jar giveaway!
 You must post your comment on my blog 
for your chance to win one of  two sets
 of 4 jars to be given away. (Jars Only No Contents)
You will have to add your own contents to
fill the little jars once they arrive at your home...
they are sooo cute...
 More details to come in posts to follow
as the magic continues...


  1. Oh My Gosh, those jars are absolutely gorgeous, and you are very generous xxx

    1. Hi Deb...Thanks glad you like the little jars...will add you into the drawing and will contact you if you are a winner!

  2. Love your blog set up!! You ever find out if there are any 'scrapbooking' events happening locally? I haven't heard of anything lately... :)

    1. Hey There,
      Have not heard of any local scrappin events lately...was hoping that the one that is usually held in the spring would be sometime this month but have not heard yet if they are doing it this year. Thanks for the comment on the blog set up...It is lots of fun and I meet lots of awesome peeps with similar interests! I will enter you in the drawing and will let you know if you are a winner okay! Thanks!

  3. ahh! those are cute little dog jars!

    1. Hi Donna,
      Sorry but the jars are not the doggie jars :( they are the ones that I have in my most recent post. The doggie is an old one that I have had for along long time and he holds my mica flakes in my studio. I will enter you into the drawing for the jar set, take a look at my most recent post to see the jars, they are really cute, I love the way they turned out! Thanks!