Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Memories from Yesterday...Our Valentines Day

 This was the sweet note my hubby left for me to find yesterday...
he is the love of my life forever and ever!
 That awesome little plate I found at the Goodwill looked great
along with the chocolate dipped strawberries...
 they were very YUMMY!!!
 The chocolate cream pie from carnation was
all good once I resolved the issues I had with finding
little black specks in the milk and spending 30 minutes
on the phone with their customer service people...
 and of course the special stawberry went to the special man
in my life when we had our dessert after dinner.
 I dipped some of our fav Oreo's, the peanut butter one's
in chocolate as well and placed them on the vintage
chocolates plate that was also a Goodwill find, has
beautiful flowers in the center (you can see more pictures
of my Goodwill finds in a previous post) yes it was a
very sweet day at our home!
 Overall lovely dessert spread for the sweetest man ever...
he loves chocolate...and of course I had to help him eat
 This is the poem I recited to him while we were waiting
on the chicken to grill. It was found in an old Ideals
Magazine and was written by Grace E. Easley...
beautiful fitting words for our day!
This is the boquet basket I was surprised with
when I came into the living room to recite the poem
...he had placed it on my seat on the couch for me
 to find...Yes I have my keeper for life...
The man of my dreams whom I would be lost
 without, I hope we have many, many, many more
 Valentine's Days to come.
 I love you Randall J Pfeiffer and
 I am so glad to be "stuck" with you!

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