Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Harley Valentine's Day ... Yes We Ride Again...

 Here is the new bike...07 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Classic in Black Cherry Pearl Color...
 My loving husband Randy rode 87 miles in 27 degree weather to bring her home to us...he was all bundled up in cold weather gear and bought some $50 Gortex gloves to help keep his hands warm. He stopped 2 different times to warm up on the way but made it home just fine...think he wanted this bad or what!!!! 
 This bike is sooo certain angles she almost looks black, guess that is why it is Black Cherry Pearl but she actually is exactly like a nice black bing cherry...we are sooo in LOVE...perfect Valentine's Day Gift that we are giving to one another...
As you can see by the pics it is a bit too cold to enjoy the ride right now but riding weather is only a short few weeks away and you can bet we will be riding every chance we has been way too long!!!
For now she is sleeping tight in her own little garage all cozy and safe...waiting just like we ride once again and feel the freedom of the open road...We Lovc Our New Harley!!!

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  1. Randy probably loved every minute of that ride. Just the excitement of the new toy - tell him Hiya!!