Monday, December 17, 2012

Giveaway for basket of vintage goodness...

 Several years ago I began dreaming of having my own business...
That is when I created my sign board...
The First Step Is The Dream
My dream is now becoming a shop
Country Essence Emporium will be opening in
Brush, Colorado in February. This has to be the
best Christmas gift ever...the opportunity to be a
business owner in my hometown community is a
dream come true...
I will be building a Giveaway Basket from now until
December 31st and will hold a drawing for one lucky
winner. I plan to build the basket to a retail value of
at least $100. I have been asking for feedback on my
Facebook page for what people would like to see in
the basket and have received some pretty good ideas
so far we have linens, lace & trim, buttons, jewelry,
glassware and the basket build has begun...
Please visit my Facebook page and "Like and Share"
to be included in the drawing January 1st and check
back to see the progress on the basket...your going to
love this and one lucky winner will be chosen...if you
love vintage this is the giveaway to go for! There is some
really cute trim here and some that will be perfect for the
upcoming Valentine's Day and Spring creations I know
some of you are already working on now...more to come
so be sure to check back and share with friends...
On Facebook as Country Essence Emporium
"Like and Share" page for entry into drawing!!!
Thanks and chat with you all again soon...Good Night!

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