Thursday, December 20, 2012

Vintage Giveaway Basket Grows...Goodies Galore...

Added 30 vintage scrabble tiles...

and a sweet little glass refrigerator storage container...It
has vegetables embossed in the lid and is in near mint condition...

This is one of the little storage jars I make...this one has a
snowflake with some iridescent flakes encased
in the lid of the jar...I will be selling these in my shop too...

Here is a close-up of the bling things...I need to add some more vintage
jewelry to the basket later...need to go thru and pick some out
to share with you all in this giveaway...

close-up of the trims...LOVE these...they will be perfect for the
upcoming Valentines Day creations and spring too...

the courting couple silhouette...sorry for the reflections...

A new addition to the mix a vintage doily that
had to take someone many hours to make...

these always amaze me with the detail and intricacy
of the delicate and pretty...

Sure to be a great basket by the time it
is all put together...
Just like my Facebook page and share
my Facebook page with your friends
to be entered into the drawing that will
be held on January 1st...will add goodies
from now until December 31st so check
back to see what has been added...Value
will be at or over $100.
Good Night All...Rest Well and Peacefully!


  1. love the additions, gotta have me some scrabble tiles :)

    1. Thanks Pam...This basket will be sure to please the winner...scrabble tiles are awesome!

  2. wow love that its awesome thanks so much for being so generous and having the giveaway hope I win can't get scrabble tiles here but whoever wins good luck everyone

    1. Hi Sara...Scrabble tiles seem to be coming hard to find and I have heard that the new ones are plastic? I will be posting new pics as I add goodies to the basket...It is going to be an awesome basket of vintage goodness!

  3. WOW! That tatted doily is beyond gorgeous!!!

  4. The doily is very pretty very delicate and I am sure took one little lady many hours to my mind I see a woman in a rocker, by a fireplace crackling warmth into a small but loving log cabin in the woods...I guess women still do this today but the time it takes to make one must be quite the investment...I never have tatted so Im pretty clueless on that!

  5. Hi there, Kimberly Kay !!!!
    How very exciting for you....about the new Business!
    Just wanted to drop you a little note, of congratulations!
    I've enjoyed, "getting to know you" !
    Good luck with your give away !
    As ever, MoeMoe

    1. Hi There Moe Moe,
      Getting really excited for the new shops opening...the more I work on it the more excited I become! I have loved getting to know you as well and Im sure our friendship will continue to grow! Hope you have a great New Years! Until next time...

  6. Wow! How exciting! Best wishes on your new journey!

  7. Hi Rosie...
    I see you are into papercrafts! Sweet...I will be selling lots of stuff for that craft as well as tons of other things...Hope you had a great Christmas and will have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for the well wishes...I am soooo excited! Talk with you later!