Sunday, September 14, 2014

Awesome Week of Celebration, Creations and Thanks...Halloween, Christmas, Oktoberfest and Wedding Anniversary and Vintage Treasures...What more could a girl ask for!!!

It has been an awesome week of celebration and
creation for me here at Country Essence Emporium...
Did some cleaning and creating in the studio to prepare
for the upcoming Oktoberfest here in Brush, an annual
event that we love to participate in...
Started to create a Halloween banner with some
old cloth and stamps from Holtz line...I truly love
his products, they work so well for my creative
So well in fact I had to pick up a couple more on
my trip out of town for our Anniversary Dinner Date...
We celebrated our 31st anniversary this week...
I treated myself to this wonderful old
antique chocolate pot at a thrift store...I just
could not pass it up as it was in my colors...
And of course has beautiful roses...
had to bring her home...
Picked up a couple of sweaters too for
repurpose needs...I see pumpkins in
my the texture and color of
these two and I have a cashmere I will
be adding in the mix in a soft orange...
Cleaned up some vintage ornaments
from a previous yard sale find a couple
weeks ago...won't be long and will need
to start putting a few Christmas things
together for the shop...
One of the high points of the week had
to be bringing home my cast iron bathtub...
I have been wanting one of these for soooo just needs tlc and install...
The most wonderful thing that happened this
week was my wonderful husband and I are
celebrating 31 years of marriage...he picked
this pretty rose in our gardens and brought
it in to me the morning of our anniversary...
I am one lucky lady to have this man in my
life and I thank my lucky stars everyday
for the blessings I have today and everyday...
So thankful, so happy, so blessed in so many
ways...great week indeed!


  1. Hi Kim!
    I was by your place a couple weeks ago and fell in love with that little rust colored couch and chair. I wasn't able to buy them that day and tried to tell myself it was for the best since I have no room for them but I haven't stopped thinking about it. Do you all still have them for sale?

    1. Hi Michelle,
      The couch and chair have sold :( Sorry...if we run across another set I can let you know but that one was a bargain price...don't know if we will ever be able to offer one at that price again...if we find good deals we pass along the savings to our customers when we can...stop in again sometime and see us!