Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer Begins, Junkin' and Pickin' Adventures and Giveaway Treasures to Reopen Country Essence Emporium

Well now that the kids either are or soon will be out of
school for the summer let the good times roll...

The new home of Country Essence Emporium is coming
along...progress is slow but sure in preparations for our
opening in June...

Have been busy laundering batches of linens and lace
to offer up for sale when we reopen...I love my old
washing machine tub...

I will have lots of goodies to share and will be putting
together three nice GIVEAWAY packages too for
my reopening in June...

The shop design is coming together...piece by piece
and will be a shopping experience for those that love
antiques, collectables and repurposed items as well
as teatime goods and handcrafted items...

I learned that my patio table outside in the sun makes
for an awesome doily drying rack...

Been busy as well getting the vegetable gardens
planted and all the annuals potted and in place
to enjoy through the summer season...

Created another dishpan arrangement...
this one is for me...sold the other ones...

Have been playing with solar lights and
vintage items to repurpose into yard lights...
These have so much more appeal to me than
any of the mass produced ones you find
in the big box stores...

I really love this one...pearched on top of my
ladder in the back garden...

Don't know if I will ever use a regular
flowerpot again either...these are just so
much better in my opinion...more character
and interest to please the eye...

This shepherds hook in the back sports a
spinner and a special bucket...This is the
bucket that I always filled with cold water
from the garden hose for my dog Kermit when
he was out in the yard with me...he has been
gone two months now...gosh I miss him so...planted
this in memory of Kermit, this was always one
of his spots in the yard as he would make the rounds...

He loved playing in the hose and the water
when ever we were out in the yard we always
had to have a romp in the water...miss you
baby dog...we talked about going for a walk
yesterday but just can't seem to do it without
the dog...seems just too weird...

The front flower bed is overflowing with
wild violets so much so you can barely
see my hostas and other groundcovers and the
bleeding heart is being dwarfed as well...
I usually pull them and thin out but might
let them go this year and see what happens...
Love the old wire egg basket that's holding
the fuchsia...lined with good old newsprint...
Well...enough said for now...Make sure to leave a comment
below to be entered in my GIVEAWAYS for the
reopening in June...Have not decided yet what to give
but all three will be awesome for sure...don't miss out!

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